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Welcome to class 2S at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Ms Stewart, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Kassim and the Greedy Dragon – Our Innovations…

We enjoyed reading the story ‘Kassim and the Greedy Dragon’ this week and were very enthusiastic to retell it orally using actions to help us remember the key words and phrases.

The story is about a poor boy called Kassim. Before he leaves for school one day, his mum warns him “Beware of the greedy dragon.” Kassim ignores his mum and decides to go to the dark cave where the dragon lives. When he looks inside, he sees a huge pile of jewels. Kassim creeps inside and takes three of the huge diamonds but unfortunately, the dragon is in there too! Luckily, Kassim gets home, just in the nick of time, before the dragon catches him and in his hand he has the three huge diamonds.

To help us understand the main parts of the story, we worked collaboratively as a class to create a story map…

We were then challenged to innovate the story (make it our own by changing the main characters, setting and what is taken). We added our own pictures and key words to the story map.

What fantastic ideas we have!

Our First Week in Year 2…

What a wonderful first week back we have had!

This week, we have hooked with the story ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne. Billy is a little boy who worries about lots of things including: hats, shoes, clouds, rain and giant birds. One night, Billy decides to tell his Grandma because he can’t sleep. She explains that lots of people worry about things and gives him some special worry dolls. Grandma explains that Billy should tell his worries to the worry dolls before putting them underneath his pillow. They work and he is able to sleep without thinking about all of his worries.

We then enjoyed making our own worry doll using: a wooden stick, felt, thread and pipe cleaners. How fantastic they look!

In English, we were able to use pictures to sequence the main parts of the story.

‘Silly Billy’ made us think about different emotions (feelings). We discussed some nice emotions like: happy, excited, calm and loved and some emotions that aren’t nice to have including: sad, upset, angry and embarrassed.

The story ‘The Colour Monster’ helped us to understand these emotions. We all designed our own worry monster, thinking about how we felt at that time.