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As part of our ‘Leodis to Leeds’ topic, finding all about how Leeds has changed over time, we learnt about a significant individual called Cuthbert Broderick.

We found out that he was an architect born 198 years. We used the timeline in our classroom to remind ourselves of other significant events which took place around this time. We noticed that Cuthbert Broderick was alive at the same time as Grace Darling.

We found out that Cuthbert Broderick designed many of the buildings in Leeds City Centre, including: Leeds Town Hall, Leeds City Museum and The Corn Exchange.

After looking at a photograph of The Corn Exchange, we noticed that it has a glass roof. We found out that when it was first built, it was used by farmers who took their corn to sell. The merchants would carefully examine the quality of the corn by holding it up to the light.

We enjoyed acting this out with our learning buddy…

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