The Spider Weaver…

This week, our ‘hook with a book’ was ‘The Spider Weaver’ by Margaret Musgrove. After listening to the story, we began our work on spiders. One of our English activities was to produce an informative non-chronological report all about spiders. Before we did this, we watched some videos about these creatures and learnt some very interesting facts. We found out that not all spiders make webs, spiders spin their webs using silk and that no two webs are ever the same. We were also fascinated to find out that spiders carry their eggs around to protect them and baby spiders are called spiderlings. How interesting!

Once we had become spider experts, we were ready to write some informative sentences. We tried hard to punctuate our sentences with a capital letter and full stop. We edited our writing just like Beautiful Butterfly as we went along, checking this and that each sentence made sense.

What fantastic reports we wrote!

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