Do we have nocturnal animals at ACE?

In Science this week, we found out about nocturnal animals and now know that these are animals that come out at night time while we are sleeping. We enjoyed drawing different nocturnal animals including: foxes, owls, badgers and bats…

Here are Dhilan’s fantastic detailed sketches…

We then thought about the question ‘Do we have nocturnal animals at ACE?’

After discussing how we could find out, we started to plan our investigation. Some of the children were quite keen to come to school in the middle of the night but we managed to come up with an alternative!

We decided to set up an investigation using a tube, some paint and some food. Hopefully on Monday we will find some footprints around the tubes we have hidden.

We are all fascinated to find out what, if any, animals visit our school grounds during the night. We will keep you posted!

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