World Book Day in Year 2

Thursday 4th March, World Book Day 2021!
Whether we are at home or at school we have been reading books, talking about books and sharing stories!

Children (and staff!!) loved coming to school in their pyjamas! We had batman pjs, leopard print pjs, minecraft pjs and spiderman onsies! Amazing!

Why are books important?

We started the day thinking about why we love books, Ellie G loves books because there are books about lots of different things! Sameer loves to read books before bed with his his special light on. Murewa said that books are important because we can all learn from reading books.

Amazing Authors

Julia Donalson is a truly amazing Author and through our time in Key Stage 1 we have explored a lot of her incredible stories! Today, we have created a fact file all about Julia Donaldson. Did you know that Julia Donaldson plays the piano and sings!

What are we reading?

Take a look below to find out what some children in Year 2 are reading at the moment!

Share with us what books you are reading in the comments below!

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