‘Meerkat Mail’… a celebration of our amazing work in 2S…

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our English topic this half term which has been based around the story ‘Meerkat Mail.’

Before reading the story, which we knew from the title would involve meerkats, we needed to find out more about this type of animal. We worked collaboratively as a class, just like Team Ant, to research meerkats before writing some very informative non-chronological reports of our own. We focused on a meerkat’s appearance, diet and habitat. How fascinating these animals are!

After finding out that meerkats live in the Kalahari desert in Africa and looking at photos of what it is like there,  we enjoyed creating a piece of artwork using oil pastels and water colours. 

In Geography, we worked collaboratively with our partner to locate Africa on a map of the world and then the Kalahari Desert on a map of Africa using an atlas. We also used Google Earth to see how far Africa is from the UK. 

We we all very excited to read the story which is about a meerkat named Sunny who lives in the Kalahari Desert with his family. Sunny thinks it is too hot and dry so he decides to leave and go exploring in search of another place to live. After spending a whole week travelling, Sunny doesn’t find anywhere that feels like home so decides to return to the Kalahari Desert.

We thoroughly enjoyed the story and all worked very hard to learn it off by heart, using some actions to help us remember the key words and phrases. After we could retell it confidently, we knew that we were ready to innovate the story (make it our own). We did this by changing the name of the main character and the places he/she visits. We had lots of fun editing our own story map and then boxing up the main parts (opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending). We used these to help us write our story with the changes we made. We tried to be just like Beautiful Butterfly and used our green pens to edit our writing, checking that we had correctly punctuated each sentence and that each sentence made sense.

We are very proud of the fantastic stories we wrote.

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