ACE Artists in 2S…

We all thoroughly enjoyed expressing our creativity by creating an amazing web after being inspired by the story ‘The Spider Weaver’.

After looking closely at some photos of different spiders’ webs and noticing the details inside, we used wax crayons to practise various techniques including: hatching and cross hatching. We then had a go at drawing curved and zig-zag lines.

After this, we were ready to draw our web using the wax crayons. We were just like Tough Tortoise and imitated the photographs.

We wanted to make our webs bright and beautiful so used different coloured wax crayons.

We then used the water colour paints to wash the background light green…

In the story, the boys discovered the fascinating spider’s web in a banana tree. As banana trees don’t grow in England, we couldn’t use these leaves but used other leaves to do some printing. First of all, we looked very carefully at the different shapes and patterns we could see. We then carefully sketched these using pencil…

We then painted the leaves with different shades of green and used these to print onto our webs.

Finally, to add even more detail to our webs, we did some sewing and used glitter and sequins. What amazing art work we produced!

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