ACE Scientists…

As part of our Science topic all about plants, we have been thinking about the things that plants need in order to grow healthily.

We decided to carry out our own investigation to see how important water and sunlight actually are when it comes to seed germination and healthy growth.

We worked collaboratively, just like Team Ant, to plant some seeds. To make the investigation fair, we used the same seeds, same compost and the same size pot. We put the pots in different places so only some will have sunlight and only some will be watered.

We are looking forward to finding out what happens but we have already made our own predictions.

ACE Scientists in 2S…

We were set the challenge to find a waterproof material which would be suitable for a coat for Pirate Tom to wear on his next adventure.

After making our own predictions, we discussed what we would see if a material is waterproof or absorbent.

We then worked collaboratively, just like Team Ant, to investigate the following materials:

  • Plastic
  • Felt
  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Paper
  • Rubber

We used a syringe and, to make it a fair test, we squirted the same amount of water onto each material.

After careful observations and measurements, our results showed that plastic and rubber are waterproof because the water didn’t soak through these materials, whereas, the others were absorbent.

ACE Theologians…

In our RE lesson today, we began to explore why Christians believe Jesus brought good news to the world.

We read a story from the Bible about a tax collector called Matthew who took more money than he should have from the people and gave some to the Roman government and kept extra for himself.  We used drama to help us understand how unfair this was for the people of Israel.

Being Shape Detectives…

We spent this morning as shape detectives and enjoyed taking our learning outside. We were just like Beautiful Butterfly and noticed lots of 2D shapes around us.

We carefully counted how many sides and corners each shape had and whether the sides were straight or curved.

After identifying lots of different shapes, we created some shapes using natural materials like sticks and stones.

Sampling Chai…

We sampled some chai tea today after finding out that it is a popular drink in India. For many of us, it was the first time we had tried it and we had mixed opinions about the taste.

Some of us thought it tasted like spicy water whereas others thought it tasted of Christmas cake.