Sampling Chai…

We sampled some chai tea today after finding out that it is a popular drink in India. For many of us, it was the first time we had tried it and we had mixed opinions about the taste.

Some of us thought it tasted like spicy water whereas others thought it tasted of Christmas cake.

ACE Artists in 2S…

We all thoroughly enjoyed expressing our creativity by creating an amazing web after being inspired by the story ‘The Spider Weaver’.

After looking closely at some photos of different spiders’ webs and noticing the details inside, we used wax crayons to practise various techniques including: hatching and cross hatching. We then had a go at drawing curved and zig-zag lines.

After this, we were ready to draw our web using the wax crayons. We were just like Tough Tortoise and imitated the photographs.

We wanted to make our webs bright and beautiful so used different coloured wax crayons.

We then used the water colour paints to wash the background light green…

In the story, the boys discovered the fascinating spider’s web in a banana tree. As banana trees don’t grow in England, we couldn’t use these leaves but used other leaves to do some printing. First of all, we looked very carefully at the different shapes and patterns we could see. We then carefully sketched these using pencil…

We then painted the leaves with different shades of green and used these to print onto our webs.

Finally, to add even more detail to our webs, we did some sewing and used glitter and sequins. What amazing art work we produced!

Kevin and the Greedy Giant – Our Class Innovation of the Story…

We have loved our first English topic in Year 2 which has been based on the story ‘Kassim and the Greedy Dragon‘.

We worked collaboratively as a class to innovate the story (make it our own) by changing the main character, who we decided to call Kevin and the ‘thing’ he is warned not to find which we decided to make a giant who lived in a castle.

Even though our innovated story is quite long, we have all worked incredibly hard to learn it off by heart.

Here is a video of our class performance of ‘Kevin and the Greedy Giant’.

As you will see, we added some actions to help us remember the story and key vocabularly.

We are now working extremely hard to independently write our own warning story.

Resourceful Mathematicians…

In our Maths lessons this half term we are looking at numbers to 100.

To help deepen our understanding, we used Numicon and Base 10 to make different 2-digit numbers. We know that 2-digit numbers are made up of some tens and some ones.

Maths Challenge…

Which numbers are represented in the pictures below?

Kassim and the Greedy Dragon – Our Innovations…

We enjoyed reading the story ‘Kassim and the Greedy Dragon’ this week and were very enthusiastic to retell it orally using actions to help us remember the key words and phrases.

The story is about a poor boy called Kassim. Before he leaves for school one day, his mum warns him “Beware of the greedy dragon.” Kassim ignores his mum and decides to go to the dark cave where the dragon lives. When he looks inside, he sees a huge pile of jewels. Kassim creeps inside and takes three of the huge diamonds but unfortunately, the dragon is in there too! Luckily, Kassim gets home, just in the nick of time, before the dragon catches him and in his hand he has the three huge diamonds.

To help us understand the main parts of the story, we worked collaboratively as a class to create a story map…

We were then challenged to innovate the story (make it our own by changing the main characters, setting and what is taken). We added our own pictures and key words to the story map.

What fantastic ideas we have!